Joint Statement of World´s Civil Society and Youth on Myanmar´s Human Rights Crisis

Joint Statement on World´s Civil Society and Youth on Myanmar´s Human Rights Crisis Photo: pixabay

New York City. (pd/and). Along with civil society, youths across the globe are expressing their deepest condolences and concerns over the casualties happening in Myanmar. Unfortunately, the crackdowns of the Myanmar military on civilians participating in non-violent demonstrations led to the death of hundreds of people with even more wounded. Furthermore, the casualty’s rate is on the rise at this very moment.

The Myanmar military must halt shooting civilians and especially the youths while respecting their human rights and freedom of speech. We, as humanity, have a duty to protect the lives of each other, and it is simply intolerable when the lives of innocent people and the young are taken. Who would take such brutal actions against their own brothers and sisters? Those who lost their lives were someone’s family and someone’s dearly loved ones. Once again, we urge the military to halt killing the citizens and especially the younger generation.

We urge the head of state of each country and the international community to actively pursue peaceful measures to safeguard the lives of Myanmar’s citizens and including the younger population. Even at this moment, many are facing threats to life. We shouldn’t sit still while people’s lives are at stake. Although young adults have been at the center of transformation and development, countless have lost their lives to date. Who can ever compensate for the death of those who died even before enjoying the prime of their youth? We ask decision-makers to show a unified response to ensure that such atrocity does not take place again.

We urge people and media worldwide to raise their voices in support of finding peaceful resolutions to the current crisis as well. We, the youth, also have shown our commitment to work toward ceasing conflicts, countering violence, and establishing sustainable peace through the 2018’s UN Youth Declaration, and we are currently collaborating to make this promise a reality.

The world’s civil society and youths across the globe are raising their voices as one. We hope Myanmar’s current crisis will be resolved through dialogue with no violence involved to restore peace. Also, we urge the Myanmar military, international community, national leaders, and media to play an active role in bringing forth peaceful resolutions to the situation.

April 2021 Members of World’s 249 Youth Organizations and Civil Society